7 Foods that Stain Teeth

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Are you someone who brushes your teeth daily, yet can’t seem to get rid of those pesky stains? The answer to a whiter smile might not be as simple as regular brushing. Instead, it could be your choice of foods and drinks which are staining your teeth. Let us help you help yourself, and tell you which foods to avoid for whiter teeth.

1.  Citrus and Acidic Foods 

Citrus fruits are a popular feature in most people's fruit bowls. They are refreshing and packed full of nutrients. But they might be responsible for that yellowish tinge to your teeth. These colourful and much loved fruits erode the enamel on your teeth. This causes them to lose the protective layer that makes our teeth stay white.

Food - stained teeth - citrus

2.  Coffee 

The news is bad for coffee lovers. Your favourite morning beverage is a prime offender when it comes to teeth staining. Coffee can cause your teeth to become discoloured because of its high acidity level, at times resulting in brown teeth. Devotees of black coffee beware — it has a worse impact on those pearly whites than your average latte. 

Food - stained teeth - coffee

3.  Tea

It is a common assumption that tea is a healthier alternative to coffee. But tea contains the same staining properties as coffee. We are regularly asked ‘does green tea stain your teeth’? And the sad news is yes.  Green tea, the drink loved by health enthusiasts, will turn your teeth grey. In contrast, black tea will stain them yellow. 

Food - stained teeth - tea

4.  Wine

When it comes to maintaining ivory coloured teeth, wine is not your friend. Look in the mirror after your next glass of wine, and you will notice near immediate discolouring. Like coffee and tea, wine stains your teeth, causing them to take on a yellow tinge.

Food - stained teeth - red wine

5.  Blueberries, Blackberries and Pomegranates 

While they may be rich with antioxidants, berries are a serious teeth stainer. These pigmented fruits will paint your teeth an unwanted shade of blue, purple or red. Swilling water around your mouth immediately after eating might help to reduce the intensity of the stains. 

Food-stained teeth-berries

6.  Sweets and Soft Drinks 

The sugars in hard candy and soft drinks latch onto your teeth, and are a feeding ground for bacteria. When the bacteria feed off these sugars, they release decay inducing acids. This riddles your teeth with holes, and causes them to take on a dark colour.

Food - stained teeth - soda

7.  Pasta Sauce 

Tomatoes have a high acidity level and a distinctive bright red hue. This makes for a dangerous teeth staining combination. Consider eating some green vegetables before you devour a bowl of bolognese. This will help to create a protective film over your teeth. 

Food-stained teeth-pasta sauce

Achieving a whiter smile doesn’t have to be difficult. Avoid these foods and put an end to stained teeth! 


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