Toothache Causes: What Can I Do to Make a Toothache Go Away?

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Toothache causes almost all of us to lose our sanity - probably because there are certain nerves from our teeth that are directly connected to our brain, which arguably makes the pain worse than other body aches. 

So, while trying to determine the reasons for your teeth pain, you can perform a few methods to relieve your tooth pain, such as the following: 

  • applying a cold compress
  • taking an anti-inflammatory tablet
  • rinsing your mouth with saltwater
  • using a hot pack
  • leveraging acupressure
  • using peppermint tea bags
  • putting garlic in your mouth
  • rinsing with guava mouthwash
  • using clove oil
  • and whipping up a homemade thyme mouthwash

However, this article aims to discuss your toothache symptoms and how you can possibly treat each of them. 

So, let’s begin.

Man dealing with toothache causes

1. Tooth Cavity 

One of the most common toothache causes is a tooth cavity, which is typically a hole inside your tooth that is the breeding ground for germs and bacteria that eats the outer part of your tooth which is the hard surface. 

If the tooth cavity gets broad and deep, especially one that touches the nerves inside of your tooth, it will become an unbearable tooth pain, and you might need to get the tooth extracted by a dentist. 

To avoid this from happening, you can opt for a tooth pasta when there are early signs of cavities. Better yet, brush your teeth regularly with a toothpaste that also features teeth whitening.

Dentist explaining teeth cavity as one of the reasons for teeth pain

2. Wisdom Tooth 

Most often than not, a wisdom tooth often emerges from your gums even without enough space and in such an awkward position, causing terrible toothache - this is a common occurrence in young adults. 

Typically, a wisdom tooth would pierce through your gums, increasing the sensation of teeth pain and even developing gum inflammation and infection. 

If this happens, we highly recommend having a dentist remove your wisdom tooth.

Dentists removes wisdom tooth to stop tooth pain

3. Infected Gums 

Gum infection, which is usually caused by poor oral hygiene, improper brushing and flossing, typically results in inflamed gums, thereby making it one of the most unbearable toothache causes. 

An infected gum, however, can be treated with regular flossing and brushing with the help of sensitive care toothpaste. 

However, don’t be too complacent with toothache symptoms from your gums, especially if they become swollen - it may develop to a more severe form of gum infection that is similar to a tooth abscess. 

If you’re currently experiencing teeth pain due to a swollen gum, take an anti-inflammatory painkiller and visit your dentist.

Woman dealing with toothache symptoms due to swollen gums

4. Tooth Injury 

Teeth pain is also caused by tooth injury - you may have never heard about this kind of damage before, but this is usually due to the wear and tear of your teeth nerves or injury to the ligaments that support your jaw every time you chew.

Mild tooth pain injuries can be healed within two to three days, given that you don’t bite too long and hard. Still, we recommend visiting your dentist for such toothache symptoms so that they can monitor your healing over time. 

Man dealing with tooth injury as one of the toothache symptoms

5. Teeth Grinding at Night 

Not surprisingly, teeth grinding at night is one of the most common toothache causes - the majority of the population grinds their teeth at night during sleep. 

This teeth pain is also associated with stiff jaws, pain in facial muscles, headaches, and worse, injured or broken teeth.

The treatment can be as simple as wearing a mouth guard at night and can be complicated, such as getting a botox which effectively stops the muscles from moving the jaw or allowing it to generate an even lesser force. 

Take Care of Your Oral Health

Avoid toothache causes by taking care of your oral health more efficiently with regular brushing and flossing as well as consultation with your dentist. 

Also, don’t forget to maintain a whiter and brighter smile by using the best teeth whitening products in Australia

Did you find this article helpful? Feel free to send this to your friends and family members who might be dealing with tooth pain right now. We hope this helps!

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