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Bondi Smile is one of Australia’s favourite brand for Home Teeth Whitening, delivering the best teeth whitening products to our great customers.

Your teeth are one of your most important accessories for life, so making sure they are looking bright and healthy is a must. Bondi Smile helps customers achieve that perfect smile, with the best teeth whitening products available.

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How are Bondi Smiles' products the best for teeth whitening?

Bondi Smile uses the highest legal percentage of Carbamide Peroxide (18%) which means that our products provide the best home teeth whitening experience as possible. The ingredients are powerful and fast-acting but are completely safe to use for personal use at home.

All the products in the Bondi Smile range are fully compliant with the ACCC Product Safety and Australian Dental Association standards for at-home teeth whitening products, providing the best teeth whitening products and helping customers achieve the highest dental-grade results.

Every ingredient used in Bondi Smile products is listed on the website and on individual product pages, meaning that there are no hidden risks, and customers can know exactly what they are using when they are brightening their smile.

Customers can expect results 2-8 shades lighter and brighter for their teeth, and results can begin to show from as little as 40 minutes of use.

Whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home

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Bondi Smile is a professional product range that you can use from the comfort of your own home.

"Bondi Smile offers the best teeth whitening products at an affordable price and best of all, they are simple and easy to use!" - Tom Boland, Founder - Bondi Smile Australia.

The Teeth Whitening Tray fits all different mouth sizes and fits comfortably in the mouth while the whitening gel gets to work. The small design means that you can use the teeth whitening kit anywhere in the house, at any time, and leaves your hands free to scroll through the Bondi Smile Facebook and Instagram pages while using!

The device also has a built-in timer to let you know when you need to stop and check the results, letting the device do the time keeping for you.

Even easier is the Dual Whitening Activated Coconut Charcoal, another of Bondi Smile’s best teeth whitening products. The charcoal is applied via a standard toothbrush and is just like brushing your teeth. The best thing is that it only takes around 2 minutes to use.
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