The real tea: how your teeth become stained everyday

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It’s pretty well known that smoking cigarettes and drinking red wine cause teeth to stain and become discoloured. But unfortunately, your morning cuppa can do the same.

Tea and coffee stain teeth. This is bad news for tea lovers, as tea can actually have a worse effect on the appearance of your teeth than coffee. Tea contains higher amounts of tannic acid, giving tea its darkness in colour. 

Teeth are made up of tiny dints and grooves, which tannic acid settles into. This results in discolouration over time. Black tea and black coffee are the worst offenders for this, causing harsher stains as they are darker in colour.

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How can I slow the effects of tea and coffee stains?

  • Brush your teeth after drinking
  • Add milk to your drink
  • Drink water afterward
  • Wipe your teeth with a tissue
  • Use Bondi Smile’s at-home teeth whitening kit.

You don’t have to stop drinking tea and coffee to avoid stains. Having a good tooth brushing routine can help, but if you’re looking to improve the colour of your teeth, home teeth whitening is a great option.

Bondi Smile offers at-home teeth whitening kits, which includes three whitening gel syringes, an LED teeth whitening light, a teeth whitening tray, and an instruction manual.

After three uses during the first week, customers can expect to notice their teeth transforming 2-8 shades lighter. Whitening top-ups are recommended every three weeks, perfect for avid coffee and tea drinkers. You can have the best of both worlds- have your tea, coffee, and beautiful white smile!

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