New Professional Teeth Whitening Bundle

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We have launched a new bundle featuring our entire Bondi Smile professional teeth whitening product range.

The professional bundle includes the Teeth Whitening Starter Kit, a Professional Teeth Whitening Pen, and the Dual Whitening Activated Coconut Charcoal with Baking Soda, but did you know that they can all be used together for the best teeth whitening results?

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How to use the teeth whitening products

The main power couple of this bundle is the Teeth Whitening Kit and the Activated Charcoal. Usually you would have to wait a couple of days in between using the Teeth Whitening Kit, but you can now fill that time by using the Activated Charcoal. Once you have finished using the Teeth Whitening Kit, simply grab the Activated Charcoal and get brushing! The best part is that it only adds a couple of minutes to your teeth whitening routine, but greatly improves teeth whitening results.

In combination with these products, the Professional Teeth Whitening Pen adds another level of effective teeth whitening. The pen is extremely portable can be used almost anywhere to get rid of those stubborn stains! Because it is applied directly to the teeth and does not need to be rinsed, the Teeth Whitening Pen is great for use when you are out-and-about, or even when time is running away from you.

Check out the links below to see information on how to use teeth whitening products.

Each product also has a how to use teeth whitening products guide and a step-by-step process on the packaging.

These 3 products are the best way to professionally whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home and provide the most effective teeth whitening results when used together.

The best teeth whitening option

The Professional Teeth Whitening Bundle provides the best teeth whitening results, combining the entire product range of Australia’s favourite home teeth whitening brand, Bondi Smile. Using all 3 of the Bondi Smile products will help you achieve the perfect smile that you have always dreamed of.

With Bondi Smile’s Professional Teeth Whitening Bundle, you will soon be smiling brighter than ever.

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