Up your sanitising game with Bondi Smile

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Multitask by both sanitising and whitening your smile at the same time!


During this strange time, we all know we must be sanitising our hands. But did you know you can also sanitise your smile? Up your hygiene routine by adding in our teeth whitening range.

Bondi Smile products include carbamide peroxide. What is this, you ask? Carbamide peroxide performs two roles – while it helps to whiten your teeth, it also works as a disinfectant. It has properties to help sanitise your smile that can help improve oral health.

Bondi Smile

Teeth Whitening Products Made In The USA

At Bondi Smile we are deeply committed to providing you with the tools to whiten your smile effectively, and also safely. Therefore, our product is made to ACCC Product Safety and Australian Dental Association standards for at-home teeth whitening products.  

Our product is also made in the USA to ensure the highest concentrate of whitening product and health standards. All of our gels, pens and charcoal products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our products are then air-freighted from America to our warehouse in Australia and safely packed to be sent out to our amazing customers who are looking for quality Teeth Whitening Sydney products.

Do you share your whitening kit with your partner? 

Now is not the time to share. Please make sure to be using your own whitening kit to ensure no cross-contamination occurs. We even offer Bestie Kits, so you are able to have one each!

How do I clean my Bondi Smile kit?

Make sure to thoroughly wash the mouthguard after each use. You can also wipe the outside of all packaging of products with a disinfecting wipe. 

To promote regular hygienic whitening practises, we are offering 20% off all Bondi Smile products. Discount is automatically applied at checkout! So, whether you're in Sydney or elsewhere, you can achieve a healthy and dazzling smile by using our Teeth Whitening Sydney products.

Stay Safe,

Bondi Smile 💙

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